Limited and One of A Kind

This page is for limited and/or one of a kind pieces. There is only one of each item, so when it's gone, it's gone. So don't delay if you see something you like.

This is a unique desktop piece. I crafted it from a piece of oak that was in with my firewood. It is apx. 17" long and 7" tall at it's highest point. A dreamcatcher is in the natural hole that was in the wood. Two pieces of genuine turquoise and a feather add to it's natural beauty.
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These are 2 different pictures of a Buffalo Jawbone Dreamcatcher. They are apx. 17" x 15". Real buffalo jawbones. Fastened at both ends with leather and a large dreamcatcher in the middle. Hand painted native designs and decorated with feathers & beads. Some actual teeth remain in each. Each weighs apx. 2 1/2 lbs. each. Makes a great collectors item.

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Item Number        
Desk Ornament
Jawbone Dreamcatcher

                                                   Front                                                                      Back                                                                Face


This is a 10" Native Made Hopi Katchina Doll, Snow Maiden. Also know as Cold Bringing Woman. It is in very good condition. Stand has a crack but does not take away from original beauty. She carries a basket of corn and is surrounded by white rabbit fur. Bells on leggings. Leather wraps on arms.

General Vintage Condition as Pictured. SEE PHOTOS. You will receive the EXACT item in the pictures and only items in pictures.

Item #
10" Katchina
Snow Maiden

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