Sage & Shells

White Mountain Sage*** Before ordering sage, please check availability. The forest fires out west have made it hard to get. ***

White Mountain Sage is a broad leaf sage with an unmistakeable scent. It is excellent for smudging, cleansing ceremonies, etc. This sage is wildcrafted and harvested with respect to Mother Nature.

Available in 1 oz., 8 oz. recloseable bags , & in 1 lb. bag

Abolone Shells

These beautiful iridescent shells are 4" - 5" in size (sometimes larger). Ideal for smudging. They also make a great conversation piece.

Deluxe Smudge Kit

Each kit contains the following: 1 single prayer feather, 1 oz White Mountain sage, 1 abolone shell (apx. 5"), 1 wooden tripod shell holder and 1 rabbit skin (colors vary). A legend/instructions included.

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Standard Smudge Kit

These kits make great gifts. Each kit contains 1 ea Abolone shell (4" - 5" in size), 1 oz. White Mountain Sage and 1 ea single prayer feather. NOTE: Rabbit skin not included in standard kit!

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Description SKU # Price
White Sage 1 oz. WMS1 $3.00
White Sage 1/2 lb. WMS8 $15.00

White Sage 1 lb WMS16 $25.00     
Abolone Shell 4"-5" SHL $9.95
Standard Smudge Kit SKIT $30.00

Deluxe Smudge Kit



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